Mygrant Glass


Please, do not return any part without prior authorization. A driver cannot pick up parts without a pick-up receipt to give to you. The part number, color, brand plus the correct customer delivery receipt must be provided to authorize a pick-up receipt.

Labels and Sleeves

Parts being returned must still have the Mygrant Glass Inventory Label attached. If the product being returned came in a sleeve then the sleeve with the label must be returned. These labels allow for quick processing of your return(s) and the processing of your future orders.

Clean Installed Parts Before Returning

Please do not return previously installed parts with the sealant still on them. Please clean the sealant off so that it will keep our truck racks clean and your next order will arrive clean.

Parts that have primer on them are not returnable.

Defective Parts

Returned parts with identifiable manufacturing quality defects will receive full credit.

Broken and Scratched Parts

Broken glass, as a rule is not considered to be a quality defect. If a reason is found to return a broken or scratched part for determination of credit worthiness, the local branch manager will notify you if credit is denied.

Allowable Time Period for Returns

All parts for return will be subject to review. Mygrant charges restocking fees as follows:

Time After Purchase Fees
Less than 30 days None
30-59 days 15%
60-89 days 20%
90 days and after 50% and higher, at Mygrant’s sole discretion

Delivery Fees, Transfer Fees and other Fees

Fees for freight, delivery, transfer, and other service fees are non-refundable.

Responsible Return Guidelines

As part of our commitment to support installers, our drivers will pick up parts that you wish to return in the event of a problem. While we try to be flexible, parts will generally be picked up at the next delivery date rather than immediately upon request.

Processing returns is very expensive for Mygrant Glass, and we ask that you work with us to use the system responsibly rather than abusing it. If you are unsure of your customer's exact vehicle model, which side is broken, or which color glass you will need, please find out before ordering. If you have questions about which features a certain piece of glass has, we would gladly check it in our warehouse rather than have it ordered and returned.

Mygrant reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse a requested return or to accept a return on modified terms.