Mygrant Glass

Code of Conduct for All

This Code of Conduct applies to all employees, customers, vendors, and anyone in our company premises. Simply put, we ask that you:

Treat others with dignity and respect.

Mygrant Glass is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all persons involved in the Company’s operations.

Behavior which violates our Code of Conduct include:

  1. Hostile, loud, abusive, offensive, disruptive, rude, explicit, or vulgar language and/or conduct
  2. Harassing or discriminatory speech, gestures, or behavior
  3. Challenging, confronting, verbally or physically intimidating, harassing, or threatening others
  4. Unwelcome or uninvited attention or physical contact
  5. Smoking or vaping indoors or within 25 feet of entryways
  6. Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs
  7. Behavior that creates a safety risk to yourself or others
  8. Possession of weapons in the work area

The above are only some examples of prohibited conduct. Violators may be removed from the premises. A customer’s privileges may be suspended for a period of time, and/or permanently terminated for repeat offenses or for one major offense.