Mygrant Glass

ADAS Return Policy

Subject to our general return policy, a windshield purchased from Mygrant Glass that was unsuccessfully calibrated may be eligible for credit from Mygrant Glass if the calibration work was performed by:

Additionally, in order to be eligible, proof of the unsuccessful calibration will need to be provided. We will require the following information:

Calibration return for parts that are deemed unfit to calibrate are subject to a refund if a pre scan is completed prior to windshield calibration and post scan is completed after failure of the calibration occurs. The pre-scan shall indicate that all ADAS (Advanced Drivers Assistant Systems) modules are operating and working as intended. The pre-scan is to be clear of any active or permanent DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) of the ADAS modules. These modules will include but, not limited to; forward facing camera, radar, braking systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, and steering angle sensors. A post scan shall be presented with the current state of the uncalibrated vehicle. DTCs of the uncalibrated module must be present of the forward-facing camera mounted on the windshield or headliner. Acceptable print outs of pre and post scans can be from an authorized aftermarket diagnostic tool or OE level calibration software.

When requesting a credit, you will need to submit the above requested information along with date of purchase, Mygrant DR#, date of failed calibration, what calibration equipment was used, part #, manufacturer name, and a copy of the pre and post scan. Please provide pre and post scans to the branch you are returning the part, via the Mygrant driver or through Will Call.

Upon acceptance for return, at its discretion and pursuant to the general return policy, Mygrant will provide a credit for up to the cost of the windshield. Regardless of the path taken to recalibrate a windshield purchased from Mygrant, the maximum reimbursement will be a credit on the windshield price. Without limitation, Mygrant will not be liable for loss of profits, damage to property, loss of use or any other damage or loss claim in excess of the purchase price actually paid by the customer for the windshield at issue.