Mygrant Glass

Company History

Founded in 1926 as a retail shop called Harry R. Mygrant Glass & Glazing, Mygrant Glass is now a third generation business. It was first passed to son Robert F. Mygrant in 1945, who transitioned the business to wholesale in 1952 and grew it to as many as 6 locations by 1966. Grandson Michael R. Mygrant took over the one remaining location in 1979, and is now general manager of 67 locations nationwide, making Mygrant Glass Co., Inc. the largest independent wholesale distributor of auto glass in the United States.

Today, Mygrant Glass is headquartered in Hayward, Ca., and is committed to maintaining the highest standard of service and the most extensive inventories possible. We stock both OEM and generic brands from over 30 different factories around the world in an effort to provide our customers with the broadest choice of high-quality glass in the industry.

Unlike some other wholesalers, we never compete with our customers. We do not own or operate any retail glass shops, nor do we carry architectural or commercial glass – we are focused solely on being an auto glass distributor.